Aglaya 11 Translation Agency offers professional simultaneous and consecutive translation for business meetings, conferences, seminars, trainings, study tours, notarial transactions and other internationally attended events. We also provide interpreters certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for interpreting at a notary public for signing documents by foreign citizens and transaction formalities.

We offer interpreting for the most demanded languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, as well as in other EU languages, Russian, etc. Our agency has experienced translators who perform quality interpreting. We are also able to provide technical interpretation equipment

We also offer the Escort service, which is not a real interpretation, but rather an assistance to foreigners in making contacts, shopping, travelling, accommodation, as well as in other situations requiring knowledge of the environment and language.

What is the difference between simultaneous and consecutive interpreting?

Consecutive Interpreting: Also called “waiting translation”, because the speaker pauses for the interpreter to translate what he or she has said. This type of translation is usually done by one translator. It is most often used for meetings with a small number of participants, business lunches, negotiations, round tables, etc.

Simultaneous Interpreting: Also called “synchronous” translation, as the translation runs in parallel with the speaker’s speech. The interpreter translates simultaneously with the speaker, and the translation is done from a cabin with special equipment, and participants receive the translation through a headset. This type of interpretation requires at least two translators and is usually used for presentations, seminars, conferences, television and radio broadcasts, etc.

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